Mequatling Angus Overview

Why Angus

The Angus breed is by far the largest registered breed of Beef cattle in the world. South African farmers choose to use Angus because they cover all the bases so well:

  Market Demand

South African feedlots interested in quality beef are desperately keen to buy Angus and Angus cross calves. Pick and Pay and various restaurants have programmes to actively buy Angus Beef from feedlots. You are always assured of active and profitable interest in calves from your Angus cattle.

  Small Calves at Birth

Angus cattle are renowned for breeding small calves that are born without assistance. This means more live calves at birth and cows that go on to rebreed easily. This also results in less management and labour being required.

   Progeny are Polled

Angus calves do not require dehorning as virtually all progeny are polled. Cattlemen who have used Angus bulls can get on with doing more important work, rather than wasting time dehorning cattle.

   Superior Fertility

Angus females reach puberty early, get in calf again quickly and continue to breed regularly to a late age.

   Proven Maternal ability

Angus cows are excellent mothers with good milking ability. Angus females are the most preferred mother cows across different environments, the world over. They are easy care cattle.

   Large and Proven Gene Pool

Angus cattle are bred on every continent and are by far the largest registered breed of Beef cattle in the world. The large number of Angus animals provides an immense pool of genetics that allows the breed to respond to market demands for fertile cattle with small calves that grow rapidly in the feedlot to produce top quality tender beef that other Beef breeds can only dream of.