Mequatling Angus Overview

Mequatling Angus Overview

"Mequatling Angus strives to provide superior Angus genetics to commercial and pedigree beef breeding operations so as to cost-effectively market the very best beef to South African families."


This will be achieved by supplying cattle that breed progeny that calve unassisted every year, wean at more than 48% of cow mass, convert feed at a ratio of better than 5 and gain at least 2 kg per day and have superior carcass quality.

We aim to provide hardy, good-looking cattle that have excellent performance.

The Herd

1967 - one of the oldest herds in South Africa.

Some 1000 Angus cows - 350 registered cows and 650 commercial cows will be mated this year.

Both Black and Red Angus.

Performance Testing

All registered cattle are performance tested. Critical objectives concern fertility, calving-ease, maternal-ability, efficiency & growth and carcass quality.

Mequatling has the best reproduction record of all large Angus herds in South Africa. Mequatling Cattle, on average, calve at 23 months with a 371 inter-calving period. This results in a breed topping average reproduction index of 124 for the Mequatling herd!

Mequatling does not breed average performing cattle and the herd excels at providing outstanding growth and milking ability without ever sacrificing fertility or ease of calving.


Mequatling past showing record is unsurpassed. Mequatling is the only Angus herd to produce 12 Supreme Beef Champions plus 8 runners-up at major shows. Although Mequatling has stopped showing after 40 wonderful years, we take great joy in the success of our customers in the showring.

Mequatling Geronimo
Mequatling Geronimo
Mequatling Geronimo
Mequatling Geronimo


Artificial Insemination / Embryo Programme

Most cattle are bred through AI (Artificial insemination). We also have one of the most intensive embryo programmes in South Africa with more than one thousand embryos utilized during the last 20 years. This includes more than 200 imported through our USA programme. This AI/Embryo programme aims to maximize the influence of bulls and cows that have proven to be the very best in South Africa or anywhere else in the world

"Die Mequatling koeie wat ons spoel doen buitegewoon goed in terme van embrio-produksie, dit is duidelik dat die klem wat geplaas word op vrugbaarheid asook die vermeerdering van genetika uit die goeie embrio-skenkers 'n rol speel in die goeie resultate wat ons met die Mequatling embrio skenkers verkry by ander telers."

Dr Robert Treadwell, Embrio Plus


Meat Quality / Carcass

Mequatling Angus has for many years selected to improve our beef marbling and to improve slaughter percentage. Mequatling is the only Angus herd to have done phase-E testing to assess genetics to improve meat tenderness. In 2000 we were part of the pioneering Angus real-time-ultrasound team to improve carcass quality. All Mequatling Sale bulls are scanned for carcass quality and account for 52% of all Angus bulls officially tested for growth and carcass quality.

Angus Beef Programme

Mequatling Angus wholeheartedly supports the Angus Beef programme and are one of the largest suppliers of calves to the programme.


Mequatling was the first SA Angus herd to export embryos to South America and to North America. The herd can be extremely proud of Mequatling genetics topping the 2005 World Angus Forum Sale for embryos.